Q: What is ShalettApp?

ShalletApp is a mobile platform, available on AppStore and Google Play, enabling non-professional photographers to monetize their pics, buying and selling exploitation rights of digital photographs.

ShalletApplies the share economy concept to digital photos:

I have a house I can earn some money → Airbnb

I have a car I can earn some money → Uber, Blablacar

And now: I have a smartphone I can earn some money… via Shallet

Q: What can I buy / sell on ShalletApp?

You can buy and sell digital photo’s exploitation rights: ‘Shares’. Each photo uploaded on ShalletApp is represented by two underlying Shares, each Share equates to 50% of the exploitation rights of the photo.

Q: How is ShalletApp different from Micro-stock agencies?

ShalletApp pictures are created by non-professional photographers; Shallet users can profit from their pictures and connections, selling underlying exploitation rights (Shares) to friends, contacts or other Shallet members. You just need a couple of friends who trust you!

Q: What is ShalletStock?

ShalletStock is the micro-stock agency fed by ShalletApp photos: when both underlying Shares of a pic are sold on ShalletApp, the photo is automatically moved from ShalletApp to ShalletStock. Rights owners of images in ShalletStock will earn royalties when photos are licenced to external users.


Q: How do I sell exploitation rights (Shares) on ShalletApp?

First you need to buy one Share (representing 50% of the exploitation rights of an image) on ShalletApp. Once you make a purchase you have the right to upload your own photo and sell the underlying two Shares (each representing 50% of the exploitation rights of your photo) on ShalletApp. e. g. if I buy a 50 EUR share, this gives me the right to sell a photo priced at 100 EUR as each Share is worth 50 EUR.

Q: How much can I earn?

Up to 50% of your initial purchase costs — if you sell both Shares related to your photo.

e. g. buy 1 Share at 100 EUR, sell 2 Shares at 100 EUR each, minus Shallet commission (25% VAT inclusive), net profit: 50 EUR on an initial spend of 100 EUR:


1. Share purchased @ 100 EUR (debited to credit card/Neteller) -100 EUR
2. Shares sold on ShalletApp @ 100 EUR each (credited into Shallet account) +200 EUR
Commission on Shares sold (debited into Shallet account): 25+25 EUR -50 EUR
Net profit 50 EUR
Available funds on ShalletApp 150 EUR

Q: Who will buy my shares?

Potential buyers are your friends, your social networks contacts or other ShalletApp users. You have the option to invite your contacts to buy your Shares.

Q: What is ShalletApp commission?

ShalletApp will charge a 25% (VAT inclusive) commission on the sale price.

Q: Are sales on ShalletApp VAT exempt?

Yes, only the commission is subject to VAT. Shallet will take care of VAT payments based on your country of residence.

Q: How are Shares priced?

The Shares are priced 20, 50, 100, 250 and 1000 EUR.

Q: Can I buy 2 Shares of the same photo?

No. Each Share must have a different owner; this will guarantee that each photo is liked by at least 2 ShalletApp members

Q: Is there a search tool?

Yes, you can sort photos by: author, share owner, name of photograph, date and tag.

Q: Am I aware of who’s buying my Shares?

Yes, you will always know who the buyer is since you will be trading directly with another ShalletApp member, and you can check his/her other purchases and sales via the Search Tool.

Q: Can I buy 1 share of my own photo?

Yes, although Shallet commission will be charged on the sale.

Q: Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, you will receive an invoice for every transaction at the email address you provided at registration.

Q: What if the 2 shares related to my photo are unsold?

After six months from upload you can ask Shallet to replace the photo with a new one with the same value. Send an email to

Q: Is ShalletApp open to professional photographers?

No, only amateurs have access to ShalletApp.

Q: Can I upload third party photos?

No, you would be infringing third party rights and Shallet would be entitled to close your account.

Q: Are there filters on the photos?

Yes, there are filters to avoid photo uploading with the following contents: pornographic or obscene, defame or denigrate other persons, infringe privacy data protection law or rights of publicity or confidentiality, invite racial or religious hatred, be unlawful or encourage unlawful activity including terrorism or crime, directly promote or advertise business, political or religious activities.

Q: Can I upload a photo that was previously posted on the internet?

No, you would be infringing third party rights.

Q: How can I pay to buy shares?

Via major credit cards and Neteller.

Q: Are there any costs related to payments?

No, ShalletApp will cover it.

Q: How can I withdraw my money from ShalletApp?

Via wire directly to your bank a/c or via Neteller, at every given time.

Q: Can I provide a bank account / Neteller account / credit card issued in a different country than my residence address?

No: country must be the same for VAT processing purposes.

Q: What happens to the Share/Shares I bought?

Once that both Shares related to one photo are sold, the photo leaves ShalletApp and enters ShalletStock.

Q: What is ShalletStock?

ShalletStock is a micro-stock agency, enabling Share owners to earn royalties from licenced photos.

Q: How much can I earn if I own Shares related to photos uploaded in ShalletStock?

Each time the photo is downloaded the Share owner will earn a 0.375 EUR royalty.

Q: Who can I invite to buy my Shares?

You can invite Shallet members who are in your phone contact list.
You can also select a public username for your Shallet account; other people will be able to search and find you by that username, and invite you even if they don’t know your number.

Q: How do I know who is in my contacts has Shallet?

Your Shallet members contacts are shown at the top of your Contact List.

Q: How do I invite my friends?

The basic invitations are SMS messages. They will be charged as standard outgoing SMS by your carrier (unless sent via iMessage). Also: you have other options to bring your friends here. Try sending them a download link via any other messaging service: email, Facebook, WhatsApp…

Q: How old is Shallet?

Shallet for iOS/Android was launched on November 2016.

Q: Which devices can I use?

You can use ShalletApp on smartphones. We have apps for iOS (6 and above), Android (2.2 and up). You can log in to ShalletApp from as many of your devices as you like — all at the same time. Just use your main mobile phone number to log in everywhere. ShalletStock URL is:

Q: Where is Shallet based?

Shallet is based in London, U.K.

Q: Will you have ads?


Q: I spotted a pic that I think may be illegal. What should I do?

Pictures are screened to avoid illegal contents, but if you find pictures on Shallet that you think are not legal, please ping us at

Q: What is illegal content?

Pornographic, obscene, defaming or denigrating other persons, infringing privacy, data protection law or rights of publicity or confidentiality, inciting racial or religious hatred, unlawful or encouraging unlawful activities including crime or terrorism, directly advertising or promoting business, political or religious activities, portraying underage persons or faces of human beings.

Q: How do you process ban requests?

We process all legitimate requests to remove illegal content from the App. For example: we ban pictures that violate intellectual property rights or porn as well.
Whenever we receive a complaint regarding the legality of content, we perform the necessary checks and remove images when deemed appropriate.

Q: My picture was banned unfairly, what do I do?

If you think we banned your picture for no apparent reason, drop us a line at


Q: How do I log in?

You’ll be asked to input the email and password combination you provided during registration.

Q: How do I log out

To log out go to Shallet > Profile > Log Out. If you log out, you don’t lose any of your information, or pictures, or credits.

Q: How do I delete my account?

Send an email to

Q: How can I check my account status?

On ShalletApp TRACK page you’ll see your purchases, sales, accrued royalties and resulting net credit, at every given time.

Q: How should I report a problem to Shallet

Go to Profile> Support >Report a problem and drop us a line, we’ll get back to you ASAP

Q: Can I modify my profile, address, password?

Yes. Go to Profile >Account and choose the desired option.

Q: What should I do to withdraw the credit on my account?

Click on ‘Credit’ and follow the instructions, you can receive the funds either to your Bank account or to your Neteller account. We are currently working to provide additional options in the near future. On the same screen you can also check your withdrawal history.

Q: Are there limits to withdrawals?

No. You can withdraw any amount up to the total credit available (total sales minus ShalletApp commission) at any given time.

Q: Can I use credit to buy Shares?

Yes, your credit is fully available for withdrawals and/or additional Share purchases.

Q: What should I do to pay for Shares with Credit?

After you choose the photo and select the buy option you’ll be directed to the payments options: credit card, Neteller and, if you do have sufficient available credit, Shallet credi

Q: My credit is below 20 EUR; can I still buy a Share with credit?

No, the available credit must be at least 20 EUR, the price of the least expensive Share.

Shallet Limited is a U.K. private limited company

Address: 240-241 High Holborn London,

Company’s registration number: 10066333

VAT number: 243 4409 23


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